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 Alice Nine Profile

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PostSubject: Alice Nine Profile   Alice Nine Profile EmptyTue Aug 09, 2011 3:30 pm

Alice Nine Profile Alice-nine-2

Alice Nine banded in August, 2004. Vo.Shou、Gt.Hiroto、Gt.Tora、Ba.Saga、Dr.Nao.
With various characteristics of each member, Alice Nine creates the pop tune to the melodious medium tune and the lock tune that a low tone affects .
Alice Nine has released 8 singles, 4 albums, 1 DVD single and 2 LIVE DVDs . First full album "zekkei-shoku" (April 26, 2006 release) got the 13th place Oricon weekly chart on it..s first appearance.

It was an "acting" that they tried for the first time in 2006. They acted for first time in the short film movie which collected in DVD single "NUMBER SIX."October 4, 2006 release, it got the 10th place Oricon weekly DVD chart.
They keep extending the number of the live audience. The ticket for one-men tour finals at Shibuya public hall on October 6, 2006 was SOLD on the sale date. On March 21st, 2007 the new maxi single\[JEWELS\] has released. The tour ticket has sold out for numbers of venues over Japan and HIBIYA YAGAI DAIONGAKUDO. For an additional Live performance for the tour, Alice Nine will have performance at NHK HALL on April ,28th.
Activity development of the band like Alice Nine with desire is unpredictable so please keep your eye on powerful performance of Alice Nine which amuse the audience and the bend itself.

Alice Nine Profile Tuxedo-shou-alice-nine-2283126-367-500
Part: Vocal
Birth date: July 5th

Alice Nine Profile 1245185612_9421_full
Part: Guitar
Birth date: May 4th

Alice Nine Profile Tora-from-alice-nine-199859
Part: Guitar
Birth date: Sep 17th

Alice Nine Profile Saga
Part: Bass
Birth date: Jun 24th

Alice Nine Profile Alice20nine20nao2020od2
Part: Drums
Birth date: Jun 31st

Alice Nine Profile 2qs6rn4
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Alice Nine Profile
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