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 8eight Bio......

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8eight  Bio...... Empty
PostSubject: 8eight Bio......   8eight  Bio...... EmptyFri Aug 26, 2011 8:42 am

8eight  Bio...... 2ba62210
Members : Baek Chan, Lee Hyun, and Joo Hee
8Eight (에이트) is a South Korean music trio consisting of Baek Chan, Lee Hyun, and Joo Hee.

8Eight won the first season of the television series, MBC’s Show Survival (쇼 서바이벌)[1]. They debuted on MBC’s Show! Music Core on August 25, 2007.

JYP Entertaiment
Studio albumsAlbum information Tracklist
The First
Released: September 6, 2007
Length: 40:47
Language: Korean
Forget About Love and Sing (Sarangeul Ilhgo Nan Noraehane, 사랑을 잃고 난 노래하네)
Can I Love (Saranghal Su Isseulkka, 사랑할 수 있을까)
Going Crazy (Michida, 미치다)
We Can't Love (Urin Saranghaeseon Andwepnida, 우린 사랑해선 안됩니다)
If I Only Had One Day (Na-ege Harubakke Eoptdamyeon, 나에게 하루밖에 없다면)(Feat. V.O.S)
Come Back (Dorawajwo, 돌아와줘)
I Can Hear the Memories (Chu-eogi Deullinda, 추억이 들린다)
Listen to Me (Deureoyo, 들어요)(Feat. Lim Jeong Hee & K.will )
Between (Sa-i, 사이)(Feat. Sun Ye, Ye Eun (from Wonder Girls) & Pdogg)
World Full of Love (Sesang Gadeuk Sarangeul, 세상 가득 사랑을)

Released: March 3, 2008
Length: 36:54
Language: Korean
Let Me Go (Feat. Cho PD)
I Love You (Feat. Jessica of Girls' Generation)
Sometin' Sometin'
One Love
Going to Ask (Mureo Bopnida, 물어 봅니다)
In the Morning
She's Here (Wasseo Geunyeo, 왔어 그녀)
Me Joo Hee (Me Joo Hee, Me 주희)(Feat. Pdogg)
Another Footstep (Tto Hangeoreum, 또 한걸음)
Holding Onto the Collar (Otkiseul Japgoseo, 옷깃을 잡고서)(Feat. Park Min Hye (from Big Mama)

Golden Age
Released: March 3, 2009
Length: 34:19
Language: Korean
The Light of My Life (Nae Salmui Bit, 내 삶의 빛)(Intro)
Poor Sunflower (Bulssanghan Haebaragi, 불쌍한 해바라기)
Chamjima (참지마)
Without a Heart (Shimjangi Eopseo, 심장이 없어)
Now Painful Enough (이제 슬픈건 충분해)
Can't Stop
You Said You Love (Saranghandamyeonseo, 사랑한다면서)
Pick (마중)
Freedom (Jayu, 자유)

Extended playsAlbum information Tracklist
The Bridge
Released: May 12, 2010
Language: Korean
Intro : 사랑이 간다
The End is Coming (이별이 온다)
얼굴이 바껴도
Star (Feat. Changmin & Jinwoon (from 2AM))
Availability Period (유효기간)
Outro : The Bridge


[2007.07.15] Music is My Life (Part 2)
[2008.06.20] I Love You (Feat. Jessica of Girls' Generation)
[2008.11.06] Baek Chan's Solo Single - The Analogueman in This Digital World
[2009.06.11] Goodbye My Love(잘가요 내사랑)
[2010.03.08] Availability Period (유효기간)

[2007.05.25] Banana Girl - Chocolate (Track 6: Story Of Heartbreak)
[2007.12.21] Rainbow Vol.6 (Track 2: 엉뚱한 상상)
[2008.01.17] Baby Jin (Track 2: Good Girl)
[2008.04.28] New Decade (Track 2: Wa & Track 7:귀여워요)
[2008.06.04] 'My Bittersweet City' OST (Track 1: 달콤한 나의 도시)
[2008.11.10] Dynamic Duo Feat. Joo Hee - GONE (New Ways Always)
[2008.11.11] Various Artists - Dala Song (Track 2: 달라송 [Dala Song - Original Ver.])
[2008.12.01] Chae Jung Ahn - TV Love ft. Baek Chan (엑스캔버스 타임머신 주제곡 XCANVAS Time Machine Theme Song)
[2008.12.08] Lena Park - Winter Kiss feat. Baek Chan (New Ways Always)
[2010.01.18] Lee Seung Gi - 사랑이 술을 가르쳐 feat. Baek Chan of 8Eight
[2010.01.21] 2AM - I Love You feat. Baek Chan & Joo Hee of 8Eight (죽어도 못 보내)
[2010.02.03] Untouchable - 나를 떠나지마 (Don't Leave Me) feat. Lee Hyun of 8eight

8eight  Bio...... 2qs6rn4
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8eight Bio......
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