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 SunnyHill Bio....

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SunnyHill Bio.... Empty
PostSubject: SunnyHill Bio....   SunnyHill Bio.... EmptyFri Aug 26, 2011 8:45 am

SunnyHill Bio.... Sunnyh10
Sunny Hill have recently done their lapse with a recover of their latest EP, “Midnight Circus”.

Originally comprised of 3 members (Jang Hyun, Seung Ah, and Joobi), a organisation suggested a fourth member named ‘Kota‘ recently, who was a partial of a ‘Narsha Group‘ with Brown Eyed Girls‘ Narsha for her single, “Mamma Mia.” Shortly thereafter, they combined a fifth member, named ‘Misung.’

During their duration of hiatus, a members suggested that they complicated strain to file their skills as singer-songwriters. With “Midnight Circus,” Sunny Hill wholly produced, composed, and wrote all a tracks.

Now that their quip is in motion, does this manuscript live adult to expectations?

Well, let’s representation a playground tent, call onward a ring leader, and find out!


Track List:

01 Girl With A Accordion (Intro)
02 꼭두각시 (Puppet)
03 Midnight Circus
04 Let’s Talk About (feat. 지아)
05 기도 (Preview)
06 Midnight Circus (Inst.)


“Midnight Circus” unequivocally usually consists of 3 full songs.

The intro track, “Girl With A Accordion,” pulls behind a curtains, phenomenon a soundscape of standard circus-like nuances. You hear all from a resounding crowd, to horns and a pell-mell accordion line. It spotlights a mood and judgment unequivocally well, and segues right into “Puppet” (Girl With A Accordion).

Unlike a pretension track, “Puppet” is subdued, entrancing, and sets an supernatural atmosphere by utilizing breathy vocals and scary melodies. Sunny Hill harbors one masculine thespian and it unequivocally adds to their strain when he creates occasional appearances via this mini album. In “Puppet”, Jang Hyun’s voice coyly looms among a silken singing of his womanlike companions. This strain doesn’t showcase any outspoken acrobatics, nonetheless it displays a coherence of Sunny Hill’s vocalists. One second they’re whispering, a subsequent they’re fussy by these poetic melodies, all while remaining on a plain turn of singing.

This strain could have unequivocally won vital acclamation had it not left overboard with a forward splashes of pseudo-rap lines. It cheats itself out of any correct transition between phrases and compromises a unhappy overtones.

The goal seems to come from a artistic place, though it doesn’t utterly come off as uniformly as it should have (Puppet).

The following strain is a pretension track, “Midnight Circus.” Since this is a initial single, it’s usually common pleasantness that it facilities an additional sip of gimmicks as against to a rest of a EP.

The verses are really bubbly; they’re quick, and whirl off of Sunny Hill’s tongues, like a immature lady rambling a square of resin around her index finger. The melodies themselves are newness during best. But that’s what gives them their charm, and with a strain as pell-mell as this one, it might have been a usually approach to go.

There are horns tooting, drums trilling, and usually about as many nuances as there are eyeglasses in, well, a circus. The altogether prolongation is really frail though really gritty. It’s suggestive of a Brown Eyed Girls’ impression of strain (post 2009), and if we hadn’t famous this was Sunny Hill, you’d be assured this was palm delivered from a 4 misses themselves.

There’s an engaging topsy-turvy territory (or so it seems) nearby a center 8 that will have some of we reaching for holy water. It adds to a show, and somehow works with all function in a rest of a song.

It goes though observant that Sunny Hill have utterly a artistic group behind them, that can usually be a good thing in Korea, given a sedated state of a strain industry.

The subsequent lane in this line adult is “Let’s Talk About.”

Since “Midnight Circus” already slurped adult all of a pell-mell bells and whistles, this strain tones it down a notch, and in doing so, we hear a most some-more controlled, nonetheless artistic strain – presumably the prominence strain of mini album.

“Let’s Talk About” is primarily K-pop rap. It’s a fun small balance that bounces from one word to a subsequent relentlessly and unending. It has traces of Western glam-pop; really fun, and positively addictive. The prolongation is also fabulous, in that all of a members are ideally processed and a instrumental adds power and dimension though drowning a singers. One of my favorite sections happens when a strain calms down and allows a featurette 지아 to sing this balmy small square before a strain regains alertness and continues delivering a tranquil chaos-of a niche (Let’s Talk About).

The EP treats us to a preview of what we can assume to be a destiny release, patrician “기도.” It’s infuriating to be teased in this way, since from listening to this small 56 seconds of a preview, it sounds like something distant some-more organic and low-pitched compared to all on this mini album. Not most else to do though extol Sunny Hill for successfully withdrawal us on a toes with this teaser (기도).


“Midnight Circus” is a potpourri of tricks, cliches, and taboos. It’s semi-dark with a lurch of a really quirks that have come to conclude a Brown Eyed Girls underneath a Nega Network. There isn’t most tension here, though who needs it when you’re carrying to continue drilling synths while concurrently being swallowed by reverb? Not me. These songs have a life of their own.

Sunny Hill have stepped behind into a universe of K-pop usually after throwing all gathering to a wind. It’s loyal that this EP rings bells of Brown Eyed Girls, though even if Sunny Hill took a punch off of a informed low-pitched style, it’s still a lovely sound that K-pop simply can't tarry without. There’s impression here, a beautiful use of outspoken processing, and a peculiarity is top-notch. Coming from Leon Entertainment, we don’t consider we could have it any other way.

If you’re a fan of sparkling beats, wanderlust, and buoyant cocktail songs, this EP is for you.

SunnyHill Bio.... 2qs6rn4
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SunnyHill Bio....
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