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HwanheeBio.... Tumblr_lpsv62HFGf1qchv7oo1_500

Name: 환희 / Hwan Hee
Real name: 환윤석 / Hwang Yoon Suk
English name: Fany
Nicknames: Tough Guy, King of R&B
Profession: Singer, actor and model
Birthdate: 1982-Jan-17
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 177cm
Weight: 58kg
Star sign: Capricorn
Blood type: B
Family: Cousin/actor/singer Lee Jang Woo
Talent Agency:SM Entertainment (1999-2004)
PFull Entertainment (2004-2009)
H-Entercom, KEYEAST Co., Ltd

Music career

Hwanhee graduated from Gwang Moon High School before his debut. He was encouraged to audition by a staff member working for SM Entertainment at his high school festival. He also attended Kyunghee University, majoring in post-modern music.

Fly to the Sky

Officially debuting on November 21, 1999, he released the album Day by Day alongside fellow member Brian Joo. In 2009, after releasing their 8th album, Decennium, the group decided its time to focus on their solo career.


In October 2009, Hwanhee released his first solo mini-album "H-Soul". The album, produced by Hwanhee was released on 22 October 2009. After 10 years of performing with Brian as Fly to the Sky, Hwanhee made his comeback as a solo artiste on MBC Music Core on 24 October 2009. His title track from the album was "심장을 놓쳐서" ("Because I Missed Your Heart").
He successfully hold a solo concert in Japan on 23 December 2009, captivating some 2,000 fans at the Japan's JCB Hall with his music.
During his solo promotion period in mid December 2009, Hwanhee also participated in the solo album of Song Ji Eun from Secret. He sang a duet with Song Ji Eun. The title song named "어젠" ("Yesterday") was also written by Hwanhee.
On 29 December 2009, Hwanhee's agency (H-Entercom) announced that Hwanhee would take a break from his first solo album's promotional activities due to an abrupt onset of health problems involving his vocal chords.
After a hiatus of five months, Hwanhee released a digital duet titled "바보가슴" ("Foolish Heart") with female newcomer singer, 숙희 "Sook Hee" in May 2010. Hwanhee also sang "바람이 되어서라도" ("Even Becoming Wind"), the OST for the highly anticipated Korean war[vague] drama, Road No. 1 starring So Ji-sub and Kim Ha-neul. "내가 더 아플게" ("I Will Hurt More"), a digital single written by Hwanhee was released in July 2010 and it quickly climbed to top of various Korean online music sites. His second mini album "H-Hour", produced by Hwanhee was released on 5 August 2010. The title song of the album is "...하다가" ("...While Doing"). Hwanhee released a digital duet with May Doni titled "남남" ("Strangers") on 29 December 2010.
On July 28, 2011, Hwanhee released his first official album. He worked with a number of renowned producers and songwriters to make this album. The music video of the title track "죽을 것만 같아" features actor Lee Jang Woo (이장우), who is his cousin as well. The original solo arrangement of 어젠 is also included in the album. A few weeks before the release of the album, Hwanhee and H-Entercom agreed to dispose of 20,000 copies of this album due to issues regarding mixing and mastering that did not meet the expectations of the artist.

Acting career

His acting debut was in 2006, when he starred alongside Kim Ok-bin in Korean drama Over the Rainbow as cocky rock star Rex. The rating of the show had been mediocre throughout its airing, plummeting to 7% at one point.[6] His performance received mixed reviews. (SBS)
He continued to pursue his acting career by participating in a 2008 drama "사랑해" ("I Love You") alongside actor Ahn Jae Wook.
In December 2009, Hwanhee signed an exclusive acting contract with KEYEAST Co., Ltd (previously known as Boundaries of Forest Entertainment "BOF"). KEYEAST will work with Hwanhee's current recording label, H-Entercom to manage his future acting, advertising, media publicity activities.
Hwanhee has been cast in an upcoming MBC daily drama, "Stormy Lovers" (previously known as Love is stronger than Death). In the drama, he will be playing the role of "Im Hara", a prodigy PD with a playboy attitude. His attitude slowly changed after he met an older woman, Lee Tae Hee. The drama is scheduled to be air in mid November 2010, after "Golden Fish" ").
Shortly after releasing his 1st album in July 2011, Hwanhee signed on for the production of the movie "Star". As of this writing, the movie is undergoing pre-production. The story will reflect on the life of Romi, portrayed by Hwanhee. Romi is an internationally renowned superstar, and the film will shed some light on the lifestyle and problems such individuals go through during the course of their careers. There is no slated release date at the moment.

Variety Shows

On 14 September 2008, Hwanhee appeared on the show We Got Married 우리 결혼했어요!​ together with Hwayobi, as one of the 3 new couples. They made their official exit from the show on January 18, 2009.




2011 1집 - Hwanhee
2010 2집 미니 - H Hour
2009 1집 미니 - H Soul

Project Single

2010 남남 (Strangers) (Duet with 메이다니)
2010 바보가슴 (Foolish Heart) (Duet with 숙희)
2009 어젠 (Yesterday) (Duet with 송지은)
2006 Sooner or Later (Duet with Duncan James)
2006 좋은 사람 만나요 (Meeting a Good Person) (Duet with 메이비)

Fly to the Sky


2009 8집 Decennium
2007 7집 No Limitations
2006 6집 Transition
2005 5집 Gravity
2003 4집 Missing You
2002 3집 Sea of Love
2001 2집 약속 (The Promise)
1999 1집 Day By Day

Special Album

2008 Recollection
2007 No Limitations (Repackage)
2006 Goal with Pfull 'Again'(We are the Reds)
2006 Transition (Repackage)
2005 Best Album 'Eternity'
2005 Merry Christmas Happy New Year 'White Christmas'
2004 1st Live Concert Unforgettable


OST.Road Number 1 - 바람이 되어서라도 (Even Becoming Wind)
OST.Beethoven Virus - 내사람 (My Person)
OST.Fashion 70s - 가슴 아파도 (Even Though My Heart Breaks)
OST.Over The Rainbow - Tomorrow, 그리운건 어쩔 수 없어 (I Can’t Help Missing You) and I Want U, I Need U

Television series

2010 MBC 폭풍의 연인 (Stormy Lovers)- Now showing in Korea
2008 SBS 사랑해 (I Love You)
2006 MBC Over the Rainbow

HwanheeBio.... 2qs6rn4
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