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 Fujian Cuisine

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PostSubject: Fujian Cuisine   Sun Mar 25, 2012 9:56 pm

Asia is known for its mouthwatering cuisines. Each of the country in Asia features different cuisines that are worth mentioning, one of the countries that have lots of cuisines is China. Being one of the largest countries in Asia and highly populated, China has distinct cuisines depending on the region of origin. One of this is the Fujian Cuisine that has its origin from the native cooking style of the province of Fujian, China. The Fujian cuisine is clearly distinguishable from other cuisines in Asia and the ones within China due to its soft, tender, flavorful nature and an emphasis on the umami taste which makes it more superior as compared to other cuisines in Asia. The cooking is done while emphasizing on the umami taste as well as retaining the unique flavor of the major ingredients.

Fujian Cuisine Ingredients

Fermented fish sauce: this is also locally known as Shrimp oil. Fermented fish sauce is mostly used in Fujian cuisine in combination with oysters, prawns and crabs. Boiled, roasted, fried, crushed, ground, or pasted peanuts are also used as one of the minor ingredient in the cuisine. In order to make it more unique, peanuts are also used as a garnish, used in soups or stir-fried dishes.

Diverse sea-foods and woodland delicacies: a good example of sea-foods used in Fujian cuisine is the myriad of fish, turtles and shell fish. Bamboo shoots and edible mushrooms from the Fujian mountainous regions are also employed on making this mouthwatering cuisine.

Most Common Cooking techniques used

The most common cooking techniques used in the preparation of Fujian cuisines include stewing, boiling and steaming. Keen interest on finesse of knife skills and cooking procedures of the chefs is featured in order to enrich the flavor, texture and the aroma of the seafood and other active ingredients of this cuisine. You should know that this meal cannot be served without soup.

The Fujian cuisine consists of 4 distinctive styles that are commonly used. The Fuzhou that has a light taste as compared to other styles, the style also has mixed sweet and sour taste. Quanzhou: features the strongest taste as compared to others, emphasis on the shape of the material for each dish is also paramount in this style. Western Fujian: few spicy tastes due to mustard and pepper and the cooking technique for this cuisine include steaming, frying and stir frying. Southern Fujian cuisine: has a spicy and sweet taste.

The Fujian province uses a unique seasoning in its cuisine that includes shrimp paste, sugar, Sacha sauce, fish sauce and preserved apricot. In addition to the aforementioned seasoning ingredients, red yeast rice and wine lees from rice wine are also used to provide a rosy-red hue to the cuisine, pleasant aroma and a sweet taste to the foods. Due to the popularity of the Fujian cuisine, a lot of eating places within and outside the province offers this food at a price of 2 Yuan.



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Fujian Cuisine
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