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 Numbers in Chinese Culture

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PostSubject: Numbers in Chinese Culture    Mon Mar 26, 2012 9:57 am

Would you like to open a popular business in China? Include the numbers 98 in the name of your business since in China, numbers are either auspicious meaning lucky or inauspicious meaning unlucky. Nine followed by the number eight is considered very lucky in China and some other Asian countries. Understanding numerology, the belief that particular numbers are lucky or unlucky and how it affects many of the choices made in Chinese culture, is something you should consider when doing business in Asia.

For example, the 2008 Olympics in China kicked off on August 8, 2008 at 8 minutes and 8 seconds after 8:00 p.m. The number 8 is so lucky in the Chinese culture they fought hard to get the Olympics in 2008 and then tried to get as many number 8’s into the starting time as possible in order to bring good luck to their players.

General Rules on Numbers

The pronunciation of the number and the similarity of it with another word sometimes determine whether a number is lucky or unlucky. For example, the word for death sounds similar to four in Chinese so therefore four is the most dreaded of numbers since the Chinese associate it with death. Except for the number four, even numbers are usually preferred.

Eight is a lucky number and is always good for business whereas seven implies anger and abandon, and is an unlucky number. Nine means longevity and eternity. It is the luckiest number and a nine followed by eight is even luckier.

Fourteen as well as four are the most feared number in Chinese beliefs as well as thirteen. Chinese people do not usually have thirteenth floor or fourteenth floor in any buildings. The Chinese usually begin a new business on the 8th day since the number 8 is lucky for business as it brings unending money and good luck due to the shape of the infinite shape of the number.

Lucky or Unlucky Chinese Numbers

Here is a more in depth descriptions of the numbers 1-9.

Zero – Means all or NOTHING as it is an absolute number. It is the deprivation of the senses, nothingness.

One – Means loneliness, beginning, and masculine, individual aggressor. “The Yang which is the other balance of Yin” One corresponds with the Chinese Zodiac symbol of the Rat. The energy of one rules over the northern direction in Feng Shui.

Two –Means union, receptive, female. “The Yin which is the other balance of Yang” and is considered a good number in Chinese culture because they like pairs and doubles.”Two corresponds with the Chinese zodiac symbol of the Ox and governs North plus Northeast directions in Feng Shui.

Three– Means talking and understanding and is a lucky number since they believe it is similar to the character of birth. The “Chinese Tiger” is the Chinese zodiac symbol for number three and East plus Northeast is the designated direction in Feng Shui.

Four—Means creation, death and is an unlucky number because the number 4 sounds like death in many dialects. There usually are no fourth floors in Chinese buildings — the Chinese zodiac symbol for number four is the Rabbit and east is its direction in Feng Shui.

Five – This is a lucky number linked to the Emperor of China and the five Chinese blessings wealth, happiness, longevity, luck and prosperity. The Chinese zodiac symbol for five is the Chinese Dragon and its corresponding direction in “Feng Shui” is east and southeast.

Six – The number six usually means fluidity, responsibility, and reaction – that is good for business. Whereas we not like the number six particularly 666 in the Western world, in Chinese culture it is a lucky number. “”The Snake” — is the Chinese zodiac symbol for number six plus South and southeast is its direction in “Feng Shui”.

Seven – Mind, consciousness and thoughts. This is an unlucky number in Chinese. It is the month of ghost July. The Chinese zodiac symbol for seven is the horse and South is the “Feng Shui” coordinates.

Eight – This is their favorite number aside from nine and means prosperity, sacrifice, work hard, power, infinite — no beginning no ending, continuous. The value of eight is also linked with Buddhism — the Lotus flower with eight petals. “The Sheep” is the Chinese zodiac symbol for this number and south–Southwest is the “Feng Shui” direction.

Nine– is the biggest of single numbers and it connotes the Emperor of China’s robes with nine dragons on it. Nine is a lucky number for Chinese because it connotes longevity, happiness and good luck. Since the number nine is the highest single number it means it is reaching the highest cosmic satisfaction and its Chinese zodiac symbol is Monkey and its “Feng Shui” direction is West/Southwest

Keeping these numbers in mind while doing business in China and some other Asian countries is worth thinking about. Now you know why it would not be a good idea to name your restaurant Four Seasons or the Lounge on 14th Street but 98 club instead.

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Numbers in Chinese Culture
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