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 Faye Wong/王菲 Bio

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PostSubject: Faye Wong/王菲 Bio   Faye Wong/王菲 Bio EmptyWed Mar 28, 2012 11:20 am

Faye Wong/王菲 Bio Wong01

Profile of a Pop Angel

Former Name: Wong Chin Man
Present Name: Wong Fei
English Name: Faye (formerly Shirley)
Birthdate: August 8, 1969
Place of Birth: Beijing, China
Place of Residence: Hong Kong
Height: 5 ft 7.5 in (171 cm)
Weight: 110 lbs (50 kg)
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Chinese Zodiac: Rooster
Family: Father, Brother, Husband, Daughter
Husband: Dou Wei
Daughter: Dou Chin Tung
Hobbies: Music
Food: Junk food, Beef noodles, Duck's tongue
Fruit: Honey Dew
Drink: Water
Sports: Swimming and ball games
Song: Kisses in the Wind
Group: The Cocteau Twins
Singers: Sinead O'Connor, The Sundays, The Cranberries
Pet: Dog
Festival: Chinese New Year
Country she wishes to visit: Egypt
Record Company: EMI (formerly Cinepoly)
Filmography: Movies: Beyond's Diary, ChungKing Express
TV serials: Legendary Ranger, The File of Justice II, Eternity
Concerts: Concert in Toronto, Canada, November 1994
Hong Kong Handover Concert in July 1997
Concert in Taiwan, October 1997
Concert tour in China/Asia: Aug 1998-Mar 1999
Goal in Life: To be happy forever

Faye Wong was born, brought up and had her high school education in Beijing, China. After high school, she was accepted into Fu-King University, but her father brought her to Hong Kong before she could begin her varsity term.
Faye went to Hong Kong at the age of 18. She lived in Whampoa and enjoyed shopping at Causeway Bay alone. She attended modeling class but soon lost interest in it, so her father introduced her to a music school. Faye loved singing right from the start. She took part in many school events and her confidence grew as she gained much encouragement and recognition for her joyful, enthralling voice.

Faye entered the music scene in 1989 when her teacher introduced her to a producer, Chan Tsiau Bao. Impressed by her budding talent, Chan offered her a contract. At the age of 20, Faye entered into a contract with Cinepoly Records Limited and released her first album, entitled "Shirley Wong", in November 1989. She quickly followed with her second album, entitled "Everything", in June 1990, and then a third, entitled "You're the only one", in December 1990. By then people had begun to notice her and her fame spread.

But Faye, being introvert by nature, did not take very well to her growing popularity and stardom. She felt she needed time for herself and so decided to leave for America to study music. She stayed in New York and started off with a few short-term singing and dancing classes. When Faye returned to Hong Kong in 1992, her first intention was to finish her record contract with Cinepoly before proceeding for her university education. She changed her stage name from "Shirley" to "Faye".

Faye then released an album entitled "Coming Home" in August 1992, presumably to commemorate her return to Hong Kong. This highly successful album won her considerable popularity and set her irreversibly on the path to super-stardom. The song "Easily Hurt Lady" turned out to be a mega-hit and radio stations in Asia would broadcast that song for years to come. She won the "Most Popular Asian Female Singer" award in 1993. By then, she had released no less than 8 albums. Faye staged her first concert in November 1994, in Toronto, Canada.

It was no surprise, then, that Faye decided to cancel her varsity enrolment and embark on a full-time career in singing. Her creative yet carefree style, her sincere yet sophisticated character, her trendy fashion, and most of all, her mesmerizing voice, won her international fame and recognition such that when I first got to know her in 1995, she had become a common name in pop circles. True to the taste of the times, her later albums gradually took on an "alternative" flavour. A good example would be her album entitled "Impatience - Fu Zhao", which featured 3 songs exhibiting Faye's voice but without any lyrics whatsoever.

For all the things Faye famous for, perhaps the greatest is her brand of cool insouciance, especially to the media. Unlike other pop stars who craved for attention, Faye did not care much about social appearances or the spotlight and she seldom entertained the press. Overcome by the fanatical screams of the millions of her fans, she began to "retreat" into her enclave. People started to criticize her and say that she was "cocky" but she did not care one iota. The shy Faye never wanted to mould herself to please audiences or her fans or deliberately drum up her popularity. Yet her exquisite, pristine, charming voice continued to draw attention from the world over till she had to face an unstoppable wave.

After her contract with Cinepoly expired, Faye signed a contract with EMI, starting 26 May 1997. It was worth HK$70 million and would last 3 years. Her first album with EMI featured the all-time favourite "You're happy, so I'm happy". She staged a concert in Taiwan in October 1997 with an audience of 20000. In January 1998, Faye won the "Favourite Female Artist" award at Taiwan's Channel-V Awards.

Faye Wong "exercises a magical hold on her fans around the world" and she has touched the hearts of millions worldwide. Yet wanting neither fame nor attention, she remains the "ordinary Beijing-er" that she was when she first left for Hong Kong. Her goal in life is "to be happy forever".http://www.stars-celebrites.com/WONG-FAYE/wong01.jpg

Faye Wong/王菲 Bio 2qs6rn4
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Faye Wong/王菲 Bio
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