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 S.H.E Bio.........

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PostSubject: S.H.E Bio.........   S.H.E Bio......... EmptySat Mar 31, 2012 10:54 am

S.H.E Bio......... She

S.H.E is a Taiwanese girl group whose members are Selina Jen, Hebe Tien, and Ella Chen. The name of the group is an alphabetism derived from the first letter of each member's name. Since releasing their first album Girls Dorm (2001), S.H.E has recorded 12 albums with sales totalling over 15 million, and set ticketing records in each of their two concert tours. The group has acted in seven drama series, hosted two variety shows, and contributed 10 songs to six drama soundtracks. S.H.E has endorsed more than 30 companies and products, including Coca-Cola and World of Warcraft. Thanks largely to S.H.E's success, other Taiwanese record labels began forming their own girl groups.

In 2000, Jen, Tien and Chen signed up for a singing contest, and the winner, Jen, was awarded a record contract. Tien and Chen, who were both finalists, joined Jen to form S.H.E. The trio frequently covers songs by other artists, and performs original compositions. The group produces albums under the HIM International Music label. Avex Asia distributed S.H.E's music in Hong Kong, but transferred this role to WOW Music in 2007. EMI Music China is the distributor in Singapore and the People's Republic of China.

Before releasing S.H.E's first songs, HIM International focused on the group's chemistry, and assigned the three girls to live together in a dormitory room. On September 11, 2001, S.H.E released their first album, Girls Dorm, in memory of their prior living quarters. Although the CD sold an impressive 150,000 copies for a debut group, the trio gained notoriety for singing off-key during their first live performance. Nevertheless, sales of Girls Dorm resulted in a nomination for Best New Artist at the 13th Golden Melody Awards.

S.H.E's second major concert tour, The Perfect 3 World Tour, commenced on July 8 2006 in Shanghai, where they set yet another attendance record by filling more than 60% of the stadium. After their Perfect 3 concert in Hong Kong, which was recorded and released as the group's second live CD, S.H.E was commended for their perseverance, amount of dance preparation, and ability to hit their notes.
Within the tour's first five months, the group attracted over 200,000 fans, and collected NT$200 million in gate receipts. On April 18, S.H.E signed on with WOW Music to improve their presence in Hong Kong. Play, the trio's tenth album, was released on May 11, 2007, and was the first S.H.E album released under the new distribution label. Play went double gold within the first four days of the album's pre-order period; by June 5, more than 150,000 copies were sold. A month after Play's release, S.H.E was nominated for the Most Popular Female Artist award at the 18th Golden Melody Awards but lost to pop diva Jolin Tsai.

On 23 September 2008, S.H.E released their 11th album, FM S.H.E. In this album, members of the band take on the role of radio hosts, and the album itself is interspersed with radio station-esque snippets. The album had a pre-order sale of 42,000 copies in Taiwan. An online radio station, FM S.H.E, was also set up for a month in line with the album where there will be different programs being broad-casted everyday. The viewer-ship of the online radio hit a record high of 100,000 views.

In June 2009, S.H.E released their first digital album, Map of Love in China, where this album will only be digitally release on internet music stores. The album consist of 10 songs of which 8 songs are from their previous albums and 2 new songs (Lock Up The Time) and (Long Live Adorableness). On 16 October 2009, S.H.E commenced their third world tour, S.H.E is the One concert, with Hong Kong being their first stop. The tickets to the Hong Kong concert were sold out within a few days and this concert had received positive reviews. In 2010, the concert is still ongoing with more stops to be made. 26 March 2010, S.H.E released their 12th album, SHERO. The album have received positive reviews and 50,000 albums being pre-ordered in Taiwan before it was released.

S.H.E is noted as a youthful and energetic girl group. In an industry where good looks are keys to success, S.H.E's outward appearances are just icing on the cake. They become prettier and more attractive with each passing year, and their popularity is always on the rise. However, S.H.E's main selling point is not the quality of their faces, but the differences that exist between each member.

One of S.H.E's hallmarks is their friendship. This bonding is apparent in several music videos, such as "Five Days, Four Nights" . Some songs, such as "If You're Happy, Then I'll Be Pleased", and music videos, such as "Good People Will Get Good Hugs" , even emphasize the importance of keeping good friends instead of pursuing true love. In 2007, S.H.E composed the song "Wifey" to commemorate their friendship. The term "Wifey" comes from the group's days in the girl's dormitory, when Selina would call Hebe by that name. Since then, the name has become symbolic of the girls' camaraderie.


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S.H.E Bio.........
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