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 General Rules In English

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General Rules In English Empty
PostSubject: General Rules In English   General Rules In English EmptyThu Aug 11, 2011 7:36 am

1) avatar
The image must not exceed 200x150px

2) Signature
The image does not exceed 500pixels (height) and 450pixels (width).
Do not exceed 400 kilobytes
If you want to write a text to avoid exceeding the seven lines

3a)Off Topic
It can be the hardest rule to be correct. There should be going off-topic. Each audio is not to be mistakes, so watch out too much about what open issues and answers.

3b) Warming Bar
*the first warming will be 75%
*the second warming will be 55%
*the third warming is 30%
*warming in the quarter will be 10%
and fifth warming will write banned......

4) Respect
Respect the opinions of others, be polite not to be fights in the forum. never but never curse the other members.

5) When making quate to answer the other user will always put it into spoiler
mary wrote:

6) Well for only 2 videos and post spoiler
For each Post in the same local area should spend at least 12 hours a day!

7) Credits
When you put some audio from another page, blog, forum, to always put credits ....

8 ) No spamming
Your answers to surpass the 4 words in each post.
Under the four words would theoretically spamming.
Only emoticons prohibited.

9) The language is only Greek - greeklish & english only if there are foreigners and they'll talk on local special implementation for foreigners! If you'd tell the translation to the Admin or Mods

10) People would not have made ​​any posts will be removed from the site, by decision of the Admin and Mods.

Have fun .....
If you follow these rules you will spent a very good time in the forum ....


General Rules In English 2qs6rn4
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General Rules In English
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